super blue blood moon

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super blue blood moon

On January 31, 2018, I woke up at 5:20AM to ogle at the moon.

5:25AM: I was super glad to have had the forethought to set up my camera and tripod the night before, so when I inevitably woke up later than planned, I was able to run out into my front yard and set up right around the peak of the eclipse. 

5:35AM: I got startled by the motion sensor light in front of my house and bumped into the tripod.  Oops.

5:45AM:  The sky began to lighten a bit more as the morning progressed and I was able to get some dope ~aesthetic~ shots with more color variety and overall visual interest imho.

5:50AM:  As the moon continued to set, it began to cross paths with my neighbor’s telephone line.  Adds a new dimension, but I ended up photoshopping it out for my final Instagram product.

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