rainbow salt flats

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rainbow salt flats

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve passed Bedwell Bayfront Park on my way up the peninsula.  Over a hundred acres of land with 2.3 miles of flat trail overlooking infamously pungent marshland never particularly appealed to me—until today.

I spotted large deposits of salt on the edges of the ponds from Marsh Road, and was greeted by beautiful colors upon further inspection.

The first pool was the smallest in diameter and the most shallow and had a color reminiscent of lemonade.

The second pool was much larger and more orange in appearance.  A significant color change suggested a change in depth towards the middle.  This pool reminded me of pictures I’ve seen of various pools in Yellowstone National Park and made me wish I had a drone to better capture its changing colors from above.

The third pool varied in depth and was fragmented in several areas.  This pool was a beautiful shade of pink and reminded me of those pink Himalayan salt rock lamps that always show up in those suspiciously appropriative white hippie shops that sell South Asian styled goods and drug paraphernalia (looking at you, Telegraph avenue).


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