budapest day three

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budapest day three

I got breakfast with Ainura and Grace around 10AM this morning and we hung out in the common area for a few hours while Ainura caught up on some work.  We decided to go to the House of Terror, a museum that was formerly used as headquarters during both fascist and communist regimes in Hungary.  It was 2000HUF (roughly 7USD) to get in, and we spent over two hours walking through the exhibits and reading all of the papers in each room.  Out of all of the museums I’ve been to in Europe this was the most disorganized and chaotic—the material was plenty interesting, but there were a bunch of screens with audio in each of the rooms, on top of music playing throughout sections of the exhibits.  I definitely learned a lot from the museum, but it was not very user friendly and I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend it.  There were a bunch of interesting recreations and I was kinda bummed pictures weren’t allowed.

We then went down the street and stumbled upon a street festival and got traditional hungarian food for lunch.  I got beer, a sausage, and a fried potato patty with sour cream and cheese.  They were all good but the potato patty was very heavy.

After lunch we walked to an outdoor bar because Ainura really wanted wine and we sat on the shaded patio and watched dogs walk by for an hour or so.  I got more beer, and it was good.

Around 5PM we headed back to the hostel and we chilled out for a while and talked before heading out to get (you guessed it) Turkish food for dinner.  Ainura needed to catch a bus at 10:45PM so we all went down to the international bus station with her and made sure she got there safely, but in the process Grace and I missed the last tram back to the hostel.  Luckily, we were able to find a cab and it didn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Europe and I think Grace and I are going to go to a bath and check out the central market.  I’m feeling pretty bummed but I’m also looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and seeing my family.

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