berlin day three

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berlin day three

This morning I met Eva at Kafeemitte, a coffee shop near a U-Bahn station that was easily accessible for both of us.  I got a cappuccino and a brie, raddish, and arugula croissant for €6.  It was very tasty, I would definitely go again.

Afterwards we headed over to Museum Island and went to the Pergamonmuseum which is famous for its lifesize recreations of ancient buildings.  I managed to get a student discount for the Museum Island day pass even though the ticket lady was skeptical that I was still a student since my Cal ID didn’t list a graduation date, but I guess she felt sorry for me and still gave me the 50% discount.  Some of the recreations were very impressive, but their most famous exhibit is currently under construction so I was disappointed not to be able to see that.

After the Pergamonmuseum, we got coffee and a snack at a shipping container-turned cafe.  We then went to the Neues museum and spent a few hours wandering around and looking at all of the different exhibits, ranging from prehistory to Ancient Egypt to antiques.  This is also where the bust of Nefertiti is housed, which was super cool to see but they were very strict about no photography near the bust.

After the museums we went to Boulevard Friedrichstraße for dinner and shared a pork knuckle with sauerkraut and potatoes and a plate of Käsespätzle.  We also got two flavored Berlin beers we heard about on the free walking tour yesterday, one that was red and tasted faintly of raspberry and another that was green and tasted like a very sweet apple.  The dinner was very good and relatively inexpensive, less than €30.

We then went to a few stores and walked around a bit before parting ways.  Tomorrow we will meet up to try to see a free concert at the Berlin Philharmoniker.

I then headed back to the hostel and caught up with the two Australian guys I’d talked with a few nights ago, Josh and Hugo.  We then got Döner Kebabs at a place a half mile away from the hostel for €3.50 which were super tasty and filling.  We talked a lot about how our slang and university experiences in the US/Australia differ.  They’re good guys, I’d definitely like to hang out with them more.

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