bavaria day three

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bavaria day three

This morning I woke up around 9AM, got breakfast at the hostel, and then headed over to Marienplatz for a 10:45 free walking tour.  The tour started with the glockenspiel concert at the new town hall which was pretty campy and not all that impressive.  I was disappointed that this kind of glockenspiel wasn’t involved.

We then walked around the immediate area and learned some things about ancient history and more recent history in the area but I was ultimately pretty underwhelmed with the tour.  The tour I had in Berlin with the same company was much better and I feel like I really got my time and money’s worth, but this one not so much.

I did get to meet a cool group of people though.  I met Joanna, a woman from the Cayman Islands who was visiting friends in London and decided to come to Munich for a quick trip.  I met Callen, an animal science student at the University of Arkansas doing a study abroad program at the University of Sussex.  I met Becca, a business administration student at Indiana University doing a study abroad program in France.  I also met Ellie, who recently quit her job in England and decided to travel Europe for two months.  We all went and got lunch at a beer garden and it was pretty tasty.

After lunch we paid €2 to climb 306 stairs in St Peter’s Church for panoramic views of the city.  I think the view was definitely worth it.

We made plans to meet up at Augustiner, famous German restaurant and Brewery, at 6:30pm.  I brought along  Youngchang, an engineering student at a university in Korea, because he seemed interested in trying traditional German food.  Callen, Becca, Ellie, Youngchang, and I waited for Joanna outside of the restaurant for a solid 30 minutes trying to give her directions on the phone to get to the restaurant even though we had all walked past the restaurant on our way back from lunch.  Several phone conversations later and to no avail, we decided to just go inside and order.

I got a Dunkel (my father highly recommended it), sausage, sauerkraut, and a pretzel (not pictured) for €13,20.  It was very tasty and slightly pricy for what I got but not nearly as expensive as it would’ve been at Hofbrauhaus, the very touristy Bavarian restaurant in the center of Munich.

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2 thoughts on “bavaria day three

  1. Looks like you are still having a great time. If I haven’t mentioned this to you yet and you get a chance to try Zirndorfer beer it is really good. We thought it was great, just don’t drink more than one 🙂

    1. Thanks grandma! I have another full day in Munich left, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for Zirndorfer 🙂

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