bavaria day four

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bavaria day four

I woke up around the same time as I usually do, got breakfast at the hostel as per usual, and then decided to walk to Schloß Nymphenburg for my big outing of the day.  I walked for about 3 miles through a not particularly exciting part of Munich before getting to the palace which was absolutely beautiful.

I walked around the palace grounds and the gardens for about an hour before sitting on a bench and doing some journalling for a while.  I ate an apple I took from the hostel breakfast, and then headed back towards city center.

I got gelato on the way back because there were a lot of people outside of this particular gelato place and that generally seems to be an ok indicator of quality.  The gelato was pretty good, I got tiramisu and chocolate.

I then went back to the hostel to take a short nap because by that point I’d already walked around 10 miles and my legs were getting pretty sore.  I met Danial, a Canadian who has been traveling around the world and working odd jobs in hospitality in order to fund his travels, and we decided to go to a beer hall for an early dinner around 5.  I took a short nap, during which three Australian girls decided to start blasting Michael Jackson from a phone and couldn’t stop talking about how “fuckin wasted” they wanted to get later on.  One of them is in the bunk above me.  It should be… interesting.

Danial and I headed out towards Hofbrauhaus around 5pm and were walking and talking and then this guy in front of us turns around and asks us where we’re from and expresses relief that he’s come across people who sound like they’re from America.  His name is Matt, he’s from Montana, and he’s starting a masters program in mechanical engineering in the fall.  I invite him to go along to Hofbrauhaus with us and we all go along on our merry way.

We get a table in the garden at Hofbrauhaus and get pretzels for 1,30€ each, then ordered liters of beer.  I got a liter of the “original” beer for 8,50€ and they both got Dunkels after I told them about my positive experience with it the night before.  We stayed, drank, and ate our pretzels for about an hour before we headed off to find food that was cheaper and more substantial.

We ended up at a Döner kebap place (surprise, surprise) close to the hostels we were staying at and hung out there for about another hour before parting ways.

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