bavaria day five

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bavaria day five

This morning I woke up with the sounds of the aforementioned Australian girls talking with perhaps more animation than is necessary at 7:30AM.  I thought my earplugs had fallen out, but they were just loud.

I went back to sleep and then thought about what I wanted to do with the day around 10AM.  I figured that I’d already seen all of the big things in Munich, so it seemed like a good opportunity to do a day trip a little further away.  I booked a return flixbus ticket for less than 11€, leaving Munich at 11:20 and then leaving Nuremberg at 8:10.

I hustled over to the central bus station, got breakfast and lunch to go, and then quickly realized that the ticket I had purchased online was out of a different station in Munich, halfway across the city.  Thankfully there was a bus leaving from the central station to Nuremberg only an hour later, but I lost the money I’d spent on the first ticket and had to spend another 6€.

I ate my lunch on a bench outside and caught up a little bit on my journalling for about an hour before boarding the right bus.  The ride was a little longer than anticipated because there was a lot of traffic leaving Munich, but we got to Nuremberg in just about two and a half hours.

It was mid 80s when I arrived and I was in desperate need of some gelato.  I ordered a scoop of dark chocolate in a cone completely in German and felt very proud of myself.

I then headed up to the castle and walked around the museum for about an hour.  When I showed the ticket guy my student ID to get a discount, he was very impressed that I went/was going to Berkeley.  The guy across the ticket room was also impressed and thought that my parents must be very proud.

It was a pretty interesting museum with a lot of history and information in both German and English.  The overlook area had some nice views but I wish I could’ve gone a little bit higher to see more of the skyline.

After the castle I walked around the downtown area and just meandered through whatever streets looked most interesting.  There were many cute shoe shops that were tempting since my hiking boots are starting to wear thin on the soles, but I persevered.  I only have about two weeks left and I think my boots should last through then.

I went into LUSH and got a small tub of exfoliating face wash because the travel sized one I’d brought is running out and the texture of my skin hasn’t been so great in recent days.  Hopefully this helps with that.

I got on the bus back to Munich and arrived just a little after 10PM.  Now it’s time to do laundry, shower, and figure out what time I want to go to Austria in the morning.

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