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rewind | anza borrego

Ever since I returned from Europe, the vast majority of my time has been spent applying for jobs and interviewing for various nontechnical positions at software startups around the Bay Area.  This time consuming effort has left me little time to actually go out and enjoy the daily adventures I was experiencing between graduation and about 3 weeks ago.  I decided to start living vicariously through some of my past adventures by going through the 76GB of photos I’ve taken since the start of this year and edit them for my portfolio.

This post will be the first in a series of entries detailing my photography adventures prior to the inception of this blog.

My aunt and I visited Anza Borrego Desert State Park during the height of the 2017 Super Bloom that was widely regarded on various news outlets as being one of the most prolific blooming seasons in recent history due to the extremely wet winter we had just experienced.

I was a bit underwhelmed.  To be fair, there were a lot of flowers, but not really as many as I’d been expecting given the amount of news coverage that had been flooding all of my social media feeds.

Slot Canyon was a little bit tricky to find because the turn off of the main road wasn’t very obvious.  We were on a soft dirt road for a few miles before we arrived at the parking lot and made our way down to the canyon.  There were parts of the canyon that were so narrow that I needed to take off my backpack and shimmy in sideways.

When we hiked back out of the canyon, the sky had turned a beautiful shade of purple.  We set up camping chairs and watched the colors change from purple to pink to a light blue, and eventually, complete darkness.

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