amsterdam day three

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amsterdam day three

Today I decided to go to Keukenhof with Aidan, a Canadian guy from Toronto.   We got tickets online for €35 each that included transportation to and from Keukenhof and the price of admission. We left Amsterdam around noon and got to Schiphol Station where we then waited for a bus to take us to Keukenhof.  We waited for about 20 minutes to get on a bus, and got to Keukenhof at around 1PM.

Keukenhof is an incredibly vast and impressive display of tulips and other bulb flowers.  We spent a solid two hours wandering around the park and taking pictures of all the beautiful arrangements.

After Keukenhof, we went back into Amsterdam and walked towards Vogel Park but got held up by Dam Square because the streets connecting to the square were closed off for Remembrance and Liberation Day.  We got stuck in a side street for probably about 30 minutes trying to get from one main street to another with several hundred people trying to go both ways.  We found an alternate route and took side streets to get towards Vogel Park, and when we eventually got there, we sat on a bench and watched dogs and geese walk around.  On our way back, we got raw herring sandwiches near one of the canals.  It is a local delicacy and is served with raw onions and pickles, and it was quite tasty.  The consistency was a little strange but it had very good flavor and I would eat it again.

We then went to the same pub Naseem and Ahona and I went to the other night and got pints of Amstel and watched families try to navigate the red light district.  At about 7:45, we headed over to Dam Square to participate in the 2 minutes of silence at 8PM for all of the victims in WWII.  Afterwards we got some Chinese street food, which wasn’t bad, but also wasn’t really that good.  It was a pretty good day, definitely got a lot of steps in.

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