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It’s that time of year again.  Here’s 25 things that happened in the year before I turned 25.

  1. Finished my Modern Fiction class with an A and made a bunch of really neat tarot cards
  2. Finally sought treatment for a torn hamstring acquired during a creek clean up and greatly benefited from physical therapy
  3. Started learning French on Duolingo after completing a 1000 day streak
  4. Got vaccinated #TeamPfizer
  5. Got bangs
  6. Celebrated my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary at The French Laundry
  7. Became an apiarist
  8. Took a class on British Literature, got another A, and learned a bunch about Neil Gaiman for my final project
  9. Succumbed to Bezos and bought a Kindle, which helped me read over 60 books during the first 10 months of 2021
  10. Had the catalytic converter stolen out of my trusty Prius 
  11. Bought my very first car, a used 2018 Audi A4, which I lovingly nicknamed Yeyo
  12. Spent a lovely afternoon /w Sydney on the beach, exchanged books, and caught up after over a year of separation
  13. Celebrated Ben’s 22nd birthday at Espetus and experienced Brazilian bbq for the first time
  14. Yakked for the first time in a car since childhood, credits to both Elizabeth’s driving and SF traffic
  15. Celebrated Izzy’s first time filing taxes with an afternoon tea
  16. Spent a lovely weekend in Santa Cruz with Elizabeth
  17. Visited Portland again, this time with my Aunt Lisa.  Spent lots of time in breweries, eating yummy foods, and walking/bussing all over the city.
  18. Started dating again.  Could write a whole series of posts based on my experiences dating during FY 21-22 Q2 alone.
  19. Picked up ukulele
  20. Got COVID.  Temporarily lost my sense of smell, but other than that just felt like the flu.  
  21. Started volunteering with Food Not Bombs
  22. Helped support the Cal Band in their first NorCal Benefit since COVID and rubbed shoulders with several older, influential folks.  Received the advice that “if a billionaire asks you for help, you say yes!”.
  23. Visited an incredible beach with my dear friends Sarah and Himanshu and recharged my soul.  Found out that I’m still able to do cartwheels.
  24. Went to my first Halloween party as an adult
  25. Spent my last few days of 24 reading more books on various beaches on Oahu
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